O~O~O~ is the first single from Ocean Fanfare’s forthcoming album, ‘Second Nature’, which will be released on the Barefoot Records label in July 2021. With the subtitle Capitalist Transformation, Second Nature is part two of an album trilogy from Ocean Fanfare. part one of which, ‘First Nature’, was released to international acclaim in 2019. 

Employing a rather simple algorithm, Ocean Fanfare has created an album that augments the quartet’s original free jazz instrumentation with modular synths, drum machines and guitar pedals. 

The algorithm was programmed to analyse the group’s existing compositions, together with the music of 20th century greats such as Ellington, Monk, Stravinsky and Ligeti. The resulting material serves as a hybrid DNA, which composers Sven Dam Meinild and Tomasz Dabrowski used to create original material for the album. 

The artwork for the release is taken from a series of watercolor paintings by Ebbe Dam Meinild (Instagram: @grundarbejde ). The series portrays Danish land reclamation workers.

Nature Trilogy

Ocean Fanfare’s Nature Trilogy deals with contemporary fields of interest such as biodiversity, capitalism, historicity and power, from an aesthetic point of view. ‘First Nature’ was released in 2019. ‘Third Nature’ is planned for release in 2022. 

Ocean Fanfare released their debut album ‘Imagine Sound, Imagine Silence’ in 2014, with  Tyshawn Sorey behind the drums.

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